VFl Plus Archaeology, 2019!

Volunteers for Israel is offering a unique program combining volunteering on active Israeli military bases with breathtaking private tours of Israel and the experience of participating on a major archaeological dig.

Volunteers for Israel

For 37 years, Volunteers for Israel (VFI) has partnered with the Israeli organization Sar-El to process and prepare Americans to volunteer on Israel Defense Forces bases. In 2018 VFI partnered with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) to launch a new program - VFI Plus Archaeology.

VFI Plus Archaeology, 2019

This year, VFI Plus Archaeology is offered May 12-25 and Sept. 8-21. The archaeology program begins with one week of volunteering on an IDF base, followed by two days of private guided touring. Volunteers will then spend 5 days excavating with the IAA at Tel Assar, an archaeological site near Haifa. The trip concludes with two more days of guided touring. 

VFI Plus Archaeology 2018

The IAA began excavating Tel Assar in May 2018, with some 300 archaeologists and workers devoted to the project. The site was occupied throughout the Chalcolithic period, a span of about 1,000 years beginning in the late fifth millennium B.C.E. The Chalcolithic period, or Copper Age, was an era of transition between the stone tool-using farmers of the Neolithic and the metallurgic civilizations of the Bronze Age.

VFI Plus Archaeology 2

For those who are interested in volunteering exclusively at an excavation site, VFI has developed the VFI Plus Archaeology 2 program, offered November 17-30, 2019. Participants can volunteer for either one week or the full 14 days, and will work with the IAA at an excavation site near Tel Aviv. VFI Plus Archaeology 2 also includes guided tours to locations which are off-the-beaten-path.

Israel Antiquities Authority Tel Assur dig site 11/2018

Learn More

VFI’s 2019 brochure provides further details on each program, as well as cost information and example itineraries. To apply, please visit www.vfi-usa.org/program-options/vfi-plus.


March 29-April 14

17 days VFI PLUS ADVANCED program - $2,880 (Single Supplement $725)

May 12-May 25

14 days VFI PLUS ARCHAEOLOGY program - $2,900 (Single Supplement $1,020)

September 8-September 21

14 days VFI PLUS ARCHAEOLOGY program - $2,595 (Single Supplement $668)

October 25–November 10

17 days VFI PLUS program - $2,695 (Single Supplement $780)

November 17-November 23

7 days VFI PLUS ARCHAEOLOGY-2  program - $1,970 (Single Supplement $438)

November 17-November 30

14 days VFI PLUS ARCHAEOLOGY-2  program - $2,995 (Single Supplement $984)

December 6- December 22

17 days VFI PLUS ADVANCED program - $2,695 (Single Supplement $665)

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