The Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority serves as the connector of people and projects in Israel operated by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the pre-eminent professional organization in the field of Israeli and Biblical archaeology. 

Archaeology captures the imagination like few other subjects, with every new find giving rise to a deeper understanding of people and societies dating back thousands of years.  Archaeological remains are integral to Israel’s identity, providing insights into the multi-layered history of a land with an immeasurably rich story to tell through recovered artifacts and myriad forms of material culture, beginning with the paleolithic period. Each year in Israel, more than 300 excavations take place. Fragments derived from an excavation may illuminate key aspects of culture, daily practices, or religion. To date, 33,000 archaeological sites have been declared, illustrating the compelling need to restore, document, preserve and display archaeological discoveries, making the history of the Holy Land accessible to people worldwide.