June 30 - July 4, 2019

הוקרה לבסיס אליקים.jpg

This week, the project for the adoption of a site in Sumaka, in cooperation with the commanders of the Elyakim base and its soldiers, the Israel Antiquities Authority, the “Army for the Protection of Nature”, the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority and university researchers, was completed. The project aims to bring the base commanders and soldiers closer to the remnants of the past and to increase the participants' awareness of the importance of preserving the Carmel antiquities. During the project, the participants learned the story of Sumaka - an ancient Jewish agricultural settlement that was producing a quality Carmel wine. Under the guidance of the IAA Conservation Department, the soldiers preserved the unique synagogue structure and other ancient installations. The project will continue next year and will preserve the antiquities of the region.

This week we continued to enjoy the company of numerous teenagers - girls and boys - who woke up early every morning and joined long days of work and a true experience of archaeology. They are all excellent workers, highly praised by the excavation directors.

The excavations take place throughout the country: ‘En Esur (Asawir), Jerusalem, Ein Shichor (at the north) and Rahat (in the south).

This week, the children of the summer camps enjoyed a fascinating activity of Escape Room from ancient Egypt.

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Production: Meyrav Shay

Photos: Courtesy, Israel Antiquities Authority