The Past Week

July 14-18, 2019

This week we continued to enjoy the company of numerous teenagers - girls and boys - who woke up early every morning and joined long days of work and a true experience of archaeology. They are all excellent workers, highly praised by the excavation directors.

The excavations take place throughout the country: ‘En Esur (Asawir), Jerusalem, Ein Shichor (at the north) and Netivot (in the south).

This week, a group of young people from Sderot arrived in Netivot. Many of the youth in the group had already worked on the previous vacation and wanted to work this year too. Indeed, in cooperation with the Sderot Municipality and the Employment Bureau, the youths worked wonderfully, and the excavation team is very pleased with their work and the pleasant atmosphere.

National project "Summer-vacation" kindergarten until third graders continued this week. Children throughout the country participated in archaeological workshops of the Israel Antiquities Authority, where they learned about pottery vessels, mosaics, ancient media, the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other subjects.

Following the conservation workshop that took place last week in the aqueduct of Acre, this week, the youth joined the excavations on the mound, together with the Pennsylvania Excavation Mission. A group of girls from the Galilee Study Center and residents of the city also joined the boys. On Friday they celebrated the end of the project on an open day on the mound with tours and activities for the whole family.

This week we continue a project in which we collaborate with the American Society for Humanitarian Archaeological Research and Exploration (S.H.A.R.E.) and Juha’s Guesthouse at Zarqa Bay (Jisr ez-Zarqa). S.H.A.R.E, directed by Drs. Jeff Pearson and Dana DePietro, seeks to bring together Israeli youth of various ethnic and religious backgrounds through mutual archaeological work. The Sixteen some teenagers from Jisr ez-Zarqa and Pardes Hana who participate in the project have already gotten to know each other and are making new friendships. We are happy to be part of this initiative and to contribute through the wonderful work of our Archaeological Center counselor, Ms. Shirin Mahajnah.

Meyrav Shay, Israel Antiquities Authority