July 7-11, 2019

This week we continued to enjoy the company of numerous teenagers - girls and boys - who woke up early every morning and joined long days of work and a true experience of archaeology. They are all excellent workers, highly praised by the excavation directors.

The excavations take place throughout the country: ‘En Esur (Asawir), Jerusalem, Ein Shichor (at the north) and Rahat (in the south).

Teenagers from Netivot, began to unearth the remains of an ancient walls at excavations in Rahat and in Netivot. 

A group of highly motivated teenagers took part in the ‘En Esur (Asawir) excavation this week. Coming from Yaffo and from Haifa—they joined us in unearthing the long history of this unique site.

National project "Summer-vacation" kindergarten until third graders continued this week. Children throughout the country participated in archaeological workshops of the Israel Antiquities Authority, where they learned about pottery vessels, mosaics, ancient media, the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other subjects.

Meyrav Shay, Israel Antiquities Authority